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Make Uzbekistan the most comfortable place for young entrepreneurs
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  • Business consulting
    Our team includes the most successful businessmen of the country and the Central Asia, as well as mentors from Silicon Valley, Europe and Asia. They are all ready to give you advice so that you go on the right business path.
  • Financing
    Our experts can help you get a loan on favorable terms, find an investor, or get venture capital injections into your startup. Local banks and funds, as well as foreign partners, help us in this.
  • Networking
    We create events where you can meet and communicate with the leading entrepreneurs of the country and the world, find young businessmen like you, and exchange experience.
  • Project modeling
    We are also ready to package your business or startup according to the canons of marketing, create your logo, branding, corporate identity, Tone of Voice, marketing strategy and content plan. This is especially important if you are going to build a business on the Internet.
Our job in numbers
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Young people started a business thanks to YoshTadbirkor
Youngsters were trained the basics of business
Participants of the Yosh Tadbirkor business club
Allocated to young entrepreneurs in the form of preferential loans
Our ecosystem

Today, 22.9% (106,574) of all entrepreneurs in the country are under 31 years of age.

Among individual entrepreneurs, this figure is 22.5% (71,467)
The Yosh Tadbirkor ecosystem is designed to support young entrepreneurs both financially and informationally.

It includes soft loans, venture investments and grants, as well as mentoring, tracking, business education, trainings, master classes, workshops, seminars and webinars.

Moreover, we are also working towards providing young entrepreneurs with work spaces – coworkings.

To achieve these goals, we organize projects. To learn more about them, click here.
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